Working at the intersection of Engineering and Healthcare
“A new perspective is often needed to solve the most difficult problems.”

Dr. Andreas Fouras is an award-winning scientist and Founder of 4DMedical (previously called 4Dx), which is bringing the game-changing capabilities of XV Technology, 4D lung imaging, to doctors and patients globally. His passion for mechanobiology, the study of physical forces in biomedical processes, led to breakthrough imaging technology that stands to revolutionize the field of respiratory diagnosis. XV Technology has gone through benchtop, pre-clinical and human clinical validation and is now submitted to the FDA.

A Mechanical Engineering professor from Australia, Dr. Fouras has spent his entire career working exclusively towards solving medical problems, which requires deep multidisciplinary thinking and large, collaborative teams. He has developed extensive expertise in the in vivo measurement of motion and flow utilizing a range of modalities spanning the visible to X-ray spectra.

His work has been recognized by prestigious grants and rankings from the Australian National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the Australian Davos Connection (ADC), the American Asthma Foundation and Monash University. (See research for a list of key awards and honours.) Dr. Fouras has always focused on pushing his research to make a real-world impact, which led to the formation of 4DMedical.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Dr. Fouras completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Queensland before beginning his imaging research during his Masters of Engineering Science at Monash University in Melbourne. He also completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Monash, earning the Bill Melbourne Medal for the Best PhD Thesis in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

During this time, Andreas joined the Australian Army Reserves, graduating as an officer from RMC Duntroon and achieving a diverse range of command positions over a decade of service. Today he lives with his wife and five children, pursuing his research through his role as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at 4DMedical while working as CEO to drive his vision of bringing XV Technology to the global market.